Read A Difference Fellowship

What is Read-A-Difference Fellowship?

Opportunity for UVU Faculty associated with the UVU Forum on Engaged Reading to work with elementary teachers to share practices that help with Reading Motivation and to test the efficacy of those practices. UVU faculty work closely with teachers as consultants. 


Who Can Participate?

Elementary teachers within the UVU service region (Intermountain: Utah, Wasatch, and Summit Counties) who are interested in an opportunity to enhance the reading motivation of the students in their classroom. Preference (though not a requirement) will be given to a group of teachers from one school working at the same grade level.


What is expected of those who participate?

  1. Submit proposal (see below under ‘How to Participate’?
  2. Attend training at UVU (April 2016)
  3. Participate in consultation  (April 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017)
  4. Create Reading Motivation plan for implementation during 2016-2017 school year.
  5. Participate in the 2016 For the Love of Reading Conference
  6. Provide access to and support data collection activities during 2016-2017 school year.
    1. Pre and post assessment.
    2. Interviews of teachers.
    3. Observation of instruction.
    4. Teacher journaling 1/month responding to prompts.


What do Fellows receive?

  1. Group and individual consultation with UVU Faculty.
  2. Teacher stipend.
  3. Book stipend (purchase of books for classroom)
  4. Licensure points.


How to Participate?

Submit a proposal consisting of the following items:

  1. Statement of support from Principal.
  2. Statement from each teacher expressing interest in the Read-A-Difference Fellowship and what each teacher hopes to accomplish through participation.
  3. Provide contact information including email, phone, and names of individuals as well as school name and address.


Who to contact about additional information?

The Read-A-Difference Fellowship is part of the UVU Forum on Engaged Reading and is led by Doug Gardner (, Ann Sharp (, and Lorilynn Brandt (  


When to Submit by?

Submit proposal to Doug Gardner ( by Feb 1, 2016