Engaged Reading Award


The Engaged Reading Award recognizes one or more teachers, librarians, or reading programs that use effective practices to further the love of reading. We seek to recognize programs and individuals who are familiar with research based reading motivation principles and who are implementing these principles in truly innovative or creative ways.


Any tax-exempt program, school, or library based in Utah may submit a nomination for the Engaged Reading Award. Programs may be collaborative efforts associated with schools, libraries, PTA/PTO or, other organizations making a large and significant influence in the lives of students. In addition, individuals who make a difference in just a few students’ lives are valid nominations and possible recipients.

Selection Criteria

This award recognizes outstanding efforts in motivating readers, especially through innovative or creative approaches unique to the setting and need in the local context. Additional factors include an emphasis on improving reading performance for students with diverse needs or struggling readers.


Applications should present goals, implementation approaches, and outcomes by individuals or programs designed to instill a love a reading. Nominations will be accepted through the deadline (see below). Awardees will receive a cash award and may be invited to participate in the UVU Forum on Engaged Reading’s Love of Reading Conference as a presenter. Award recipients will be recognized during the Love of Reading Conference General Sessions.

Submit the following information for official nomination to Douglas S. Gardner (dgardner@uvu.edu) by May 15, 2016: (3 page limit)

  • Name and contact information for individual making nomination.
  • Name of the individual, program, school, or library. Names and titles of the program organizers/deliverers.
  • How long has the program existed or how long has the individual served or worked in the specified capacity?
  • What reading need does the nominee address or meet? How has that need been recognized? Please provide data if available.
  • What principles of reading motivation guide the individual or program?
  • What are the goals and objectives of the program or motivations of the individual being nominated?
  • How is the program or individual unique or distinct? In what ways is the program or actions by the individual creative or innovative?
  • What impact has the program or individual had? To what extent have the objectives been reached? How have outcomes been evaluated? What data have been collected and what do the data show? How has the individual or program contributed to influencing reading in the home environment?

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will recommend qualified award applicants to the UVU Forum on Engaged Reading’s Love of Reading conference planning committee, which will make the final selection. 


  • March: Selection Committee issues call for nominations
  • May 15, 2016: Deadline for submission of nominations.
  • May 15-31, 2016: Nomination review
  • June 5, 2016: Awardee(s) Notified
  • October 2016: Grantees honored and recognized during the For the Love of Reading conference.

Please send questions concerning selection process, and official nominations to the Selection Committee Chair Douglas S. Gardner via email at dgardner@uvu.edu.