Making Your Case to Attend

Show how you'll be more valuable to your institution after you attend the For the Love of Reading Conference in Midway, Utah on October 25-26, 2018.  Making the case for time off and support for travel and expenses to attend a conference requires a solid understanding of the potential benefits to your organization, supervisor, and colleagues.  You can use the following information to help make your case.


  • Get the costs together, showing how much you can save if you register early.
  • Review the sessions being offered and identify those that could help you do your job better.
  • Share any preliminary program information with your colleagues and identify what kind of information you could bring back to help them, and what sessions they’d like you to go to.
  • Share program information with your boss and find out what sessions and programs he or she think would be of greatest benefit to your organization.
  • Put together a draft plan of coverage while you’re away.
  • Develop a draft plan for after you get back—describe how you’ll share the list of discussion and action items you develop during the conference.
  • Put your request in writing.