2017 Conference Schedule

Wednesday, October 25

Conference Registration available from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.


Thursday, October 26

Schedule is being finalized and is subject to change. 




8:00 - 9:00


Matterhorn Ballroom

Breakfast buffet provided for conference attendees



Opening Keynote

Matterhorn Ballroom

"The Raven, the Wolf and the Deep, Dark Wood" - Kelly Barnhill -



Session 1

General Session

Matterhorn Ballroom

 The Best Books of 2017 Panel

11:00 - 11:30

Book Signing / Break



Session 2


 "Navigating Sexual Content in YA Literature" - Catherine Bates -

In this session we will talk about the purposes, as well as the pros and cons, of sexual content in Young Adult Literature: we will discuss selection and censorship and provide resources and book talks on novels with varying degrees of sexual content as well as books that would be suitable for middle school students and “clean reads.”


"Practical Reading Motivation Strategies" (Read a Difference grant) - Cami Perrier, Libby Tenney, Misty Killpack, Jenni Whitlock, Bethany Hancock -

Want to improve reading aloud?  Need technology ideas for students to use?  Wonder how you can reward reading without using candy?  By utilizing the seven motivational reading strategies, you can increase reading engagement in your classroom.  Come listen to some practical ways to motivate your elementary students to become readers.


"Rattle, and Roll" - Denise Fleming -

Alliteration, onomatopoeia, and verbs come together to create picture books that make young children want to move. Together we will shiver, shake, dart and dip to picture books. We will explore the use of my books in the classroom using crafts and activities available at www.denisefleming.com

12:30 - 1:00


Matterhorn Ballroom


1:00 - 2:00


Matterhorn Ballroom

"WILD WORDS: Voice and Choice" - April Pulley Sayre -

Explore delicious words and the roots of voice. Experience a colorful visual and verbal taste of how Sayre paints with light and shares the wild habitats she loves through word and illustrations. Think big about how all of us, by bringing good books to children, can shape our world.

2:00 - 2:30

Book Signing / Break


2:30 - 3:15

Session 3


 "First Class Mail! Using letter writing to motivate students in literacy development and motivation" - Lorilynn Brandt -

First Class Mail!  This breakout describes how letter writing can be an effective tool to engaging students in the reading and writing process.  The presenter will show how this can be done on a school-wide process or in a classroom setting.  Additional books will be shared about letter writing and ideas to use them in the classroom.


"Peace, Joy and Read-Alouds" - Erin Koning, Scholastic Education -

In this session, participants will discuss how reading aloud helps build a love for literacy in kids of all ages and engage in specific strategies that make reading aloud an effective and meaningful part of literacy learning at school and at home.


 "Shiny Showcases: Entice & Engage Potential Readers" - Rebecca McCorkindale -

Do you think that library decor is a waste of time, or do you spend hours creating the most "Pinterest perfect" displays possible? Join Hafuboti.com's Rebecca McCorkindale to learn how to strike a balance that will continuously engage your patrons with minimal effort.


Session 4


 Kelly Barnhill


"How I have made the library a hub of the school, a happy place where students want to be" - Ellen-Anita Olson -

PPT presentation will show highlights of a busy and well-loved school library.



 "Society of Literary Scholars: Nurturing Student Love for Reading" - Paige Drumm -

Discover a unique approach for creating a school-wide culture of literacy.  Three specific components combine to create an authentic Society of Literary Scholars.  An innovative way to engage students while showcasing their unique reading abilities and knowledge.  An all-inclusive program created to empower students and liberate their voices.

4:30 - 6:30

Special Event

Monte Rosa

 "Make and Take"

Choose up to 4 projects:

Book-Lover's Jewelry

Watercolor Bookmarks

Little Golden Book Journals

Red-Read Roses

For the Love of Reading Book Bag

Framed Book-Love

"Christmas By the Books" Ornament


Special Events 

 "Make & Take" Excursions (Additional costs may apply): 

Mozzarella Cheese Making Class at Heber Valley Artisan Cheese

Marshmallow-Making Class at Madyson's Marshmallows

Roots of Knowledge Tour and Dinner Group at UVU Fulton Library

Book Bash & Bites at the Zermatt


6:30 - 8:30

Special Event 

 Dinner With the Authors

Limited to 32 people (must be attending the whole conference)

Get up close and personal at the "Dinner with the Authors" event Thursday evening.   In this exclusive event, attendees will dine and visit at tables with the conference authors and illustrators.

Sign up for the author dinner from the conference registration form here.

8:30 - 9:00


Special Event

Free to conference attendees

Zermatt Gazebo

Storytelling under the Stars

Friday, October 27

Schedule is being finalized and is subject to change. 



Matterhorn Ballroom

Breakfast buffet provided for conference attendees




"Irresistible, Fantastical Supernatural" -  Cynthia Leitich Smith -

Bestselling, award-winning YA author Cynthia Leitich Smith shares insights into writing speculative fiction. Topics include: realism vs. fantasy, world building, creature creation, magical systems, mythological traditions, story reinvention, writing series, and the YA audience.


Book Signing/Break



Session 5


 "Becoming a Book Catcher" - Jennifer Terry - 

Becoming a book catcher is quite easy with just applying five book habits of mind.  We will learn the five book habits while creating in the hands-on demonstration by painting words, mapping your book, using illustrations as texts and acquiring new and classical author/illustrator’s authentic ideas in your classroom.


 "Graphic Novels: Their Role in Student Lives & Teacher Classrooms" - Thomas B. Smith - 

Graphic novels have a growing presence in our students’ lives.  Why is that?  What are the best graphic novels?  What exactly is their role in schooling?  How do I teach with them?  Join us as we discuss these and other questions.


 "Rah, Rah, Reading! Growing Readers & Writers With Read Aloud: Pre-K through 3rd Grade" - April Pulley Sayre -

Early childhood is the time for word joy and absorbing pre-writing patterns via read aloud. Taste read alouds about rain, snow, vultures, vegetables, and fish. Refresh your read aloud techniques and learn extensions that carry books into math and science.  Rev up your storytimes with behind-the-scenes info on the rain forest adventures and garden goofiness of author/photo illustrator April Pulley Sayre’s 60 books.


Session 6


 "Global Children's Literature in US Classrooms: Selecting and Using the Best Available" - Lauren Aimonette Liang

Why should we include international children's literature in our classrooms? Where can we find it, and how how do we select the best available texts? Learn more about the availability of quality international children's literature, some of the issues surrounding evaluation, and the benefits of using it in preK-12 classrooms.


"Utilizing Technology & Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Engage Diverse Learners in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening" - Krista Ruggles - 

This interactive session will provide participants with an opportunity to explore technology tools that can support diverse learners reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  Special attention will be paid to tools that reflect the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, guidelines, and checkpoints.


 "Engaging every Learner in the Library" - Lisa Adams - 

Are you ready to change the traditional routine in your library?  Discouraged that you don’t have enough time to really engage your students?  Are you looking for a way to get those kids exposed to books they’d probably NEVER choose?  Have you wondered how to get even your reluctant readers excited to go to the library?  This session will show you how you can implement new strategies using library centers that will not only keep your students on task, but will create eager learners and readers.  I have centers each rotation that cover at least one of each of these five categories: STEAM, LITERACY, LIBRARY SKILLS, and MAKERSPACE.


Book Signing / Break


12:15 - 1:00

Session 7


"#OwnVoiceReclaimed" - Cynthia Leitich Smith - 

Cynthia Leitich Smith on Diversity & the Conversation of Books for Young Readers


 "Not Just for Babies 2017" - Cindy Mitchell - 

Picture books are not just for pre-school story time.  Today’s writers and artists create works of art with messages that support a wide variety of the middle school and high school curriculum.


 "Building Better Readers through Battle of the Books" - Keely Giles - 

Battle of the Books is a program build to inspire life-long readers.  Hop on the “BOB” Train by helping students read all year from a book list, form teams of 4-5 students, then put their comprehension to the test in a March Madness Competition!



Matterhorn Ballroom

Lunch buffet provided for conference attendees


Closing Keynote


A catchy phrase, a scrap of conversation, doodles on an envelope — all can prompt an idea for a picture book. During my slide presentation I will share how a book idea grows and how shape, color and design along with rhythm and rhyme help tell the tale.


Book Signing